Encourages Independence

Our mission at AstroCamp is to empower our campers to explore their independence under the guided expertise of our camp counselors and expert activity instructors. Through exciting and unique outdoor summer camp activities like telescopes and star nights, building and launching rockets, archery, ziplining, and more, our campers learn to take risks and trust themselves — two necessary attributes for being independent.  

Gain Valuable Life Lessons

Life lessons such as social skills, risk assessment, cause and effect, and spatial learning are just a short list of the valuable life lessons children can experience during outdoor adventures, especially at summer camps when they’re trying new activities with new people from across the globe.

Not only during our STEM-based exploration activities are our students learning these lessons, but also during our summer camp fun activities like our AstroParty, campfires, and elective nights. Campers will flex their social skills and connect with children from different walks of life who share common interests.  

Learn How to Respect the Environment

Respecting the environment is often an integral part of summer camps whose focus is outdoor adventures. As a mountain adventure and science-based summer camp, teaching our campers how to respect and protect our environment is a focal point of our activities. 

Activities such as atmosphere and gases, wilderness survival, and more will teach our campers how to coexist with our planet.  

Increase Physical Fitness

One of the most apparent benefits of outdoor adventure activities and summer camps is the increased physical activity of our campers. According to the National Wildlife Foundation, childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in the last 20 years, and it is essential now more than ever to get our children out and active in their environment. 

Besides just the aerobic and strength training benefits of outdoor play, being outside also raises Vitamin D levels, which can help protect children from future bone problems, heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.

At AstroCamp, we spend most of our time outdoors when we’re not in labs. Between our core activities, our recreational free time, and our exciting group activities like socials and bonfires, we’re soaking up the sun and fresh air every day!   

Reduce Stress

Being outside for most is a relaxing and healing experience, but spending time outdoors for children is a critical outlet for reducing stress. With children’s daily routines getting more demanding by the day — with school, extracurricular activities, and more — it’s essential to allow them space to unwind and reconnect with nature. 

About AstroCamp

AstroCamp is a mountain adventure and science summer camp for kids and teens that offers an unforgettable educational camp program for 8-17-year-olds who love science and space exploration. AstroCamp will open your child’s eyes to the excitement of exploring science and mountain adventures. Our 2022 summer enrollment is now open! Don’t forget to sign up before January 31st to take advantage of our early bird incentive rate.

Think that AstroCamp is a good fit for you or your child? To learn more, read about our camp program options and explore life at camp!  


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