Summer camp is all about having fun and making new friends. But even more importantly than that, it can also help kids break out of their comfort zone and gain newfound confidence.

Virginia summer camps like AstroCamp provide kids of all ages with a safe and supportive environment to try new things and step out of their comfort zone. Here are a few of our favorite summer camp adventures that help kids do just that.

Building & Launching Rockets

Has your child ever created and launched their own rocket? This activity is both mentally and physically stimulating as campers work individually or in teams to craft their own spaceship and see how far it will launch. This is just one of the fun camp activities that always put campers on their toes as they make adjustments to their design and hold their breath to see the final result of their work.

Gaga Ball

Ever heard of gaga ball? This fast-paced, high-energy sport is sure to get your camper’s heart racing as they work to dodge and strike a soft foam ball in an octagonal pit. This game is fun and easy with just the right amount of competitiveness for all campers to have a great time. This addictive game pushes kids to pick up on new rules quickly and apply them in the moment as well as learning to be a good sport.

Team Sports

It’s no surprise that team sports are a great way for kids to bond and learn something new. From soccer to basketball, these classic summer camp activities make kids work together to achieve a common goal. It can also help them break out of their comfort zone when they need to work with new people, decide team captains, and learn rules for sports they may have never played before.


For campers who love fantasy, LARPing, or live action role-playing, is a thrilling adventure. Campers are tasked with working together and accomplishing tasks or going on quests with fantastical elements. While this may not be your traditional adventure activity, it gets a camper’s imagination and heart racing.

Go Karting

Ready. Set. GO! Campers can learn the ins and out of go-karting and gain proficient driving skills from this fun activity. They will have the opportunity to drive the paved go-kart track and feel their adrenaline rise as they’re in complete control of their vehicle. 

About AstroCamp

AstroCamp mountain adventure and science summer camp is for kids and teens ages 8-17 who love science, space exploration, and, of course, adventure. We take pride in offering a variety of activities that help campers learn new skills, have fun, and break out of their comfort zone as they make friends in a safe environment. These are just a few of the heart-racing activities that our campers enjoy!

Reach out to the team for more information on AstroCamp’s summer programs and commitment to helping campers learn and grow.

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