Exploring New World

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AstroCamp: the summer frontier. These are the voyages of the campers who attend. Their one or two-week mission: exploring strange new worlds, to seek out new friends and new interests. To boldly go where they have never gone before.

There are so many strange new worlds to explore during a summer at AstroCamp, from the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons to the bridge of a spaceship in Artemis. These new worlds offer not only a sense of discovery for our campers, but a creative outlet.


Exploring 2

When playing D&D, there are rules in place, but the real limit is the imagination of the player. You decide what your character is like as a person, how they interact with the world and characters around them, and what they do. The dice and dungeon master tell you if your actions are successful, but the more creativity you apply to it, the more fun it is for you and all the other players.


With Artemis, campers each play a role (engineering, navigation, etc.) on the bridge of a fictional spacecraft. Each person needs to complete their job and work together for the mission to run smoothly. Again, the more creativity they bring to the task at hand, the more enjoyable it is. Campers will even play characters rather than just participate as themselves, engaging creativity, teamwork, and problem solving at once.