Astro Camp instructor conducting science experiment

For teens and young adults, summer brings a break from their typical schedule, warm weather, and, of course, new job opportunities. Namely, summer camp jobs.

Summer is the season for teens and young adults to become camp counselors to not only make some extra money but to also create a lifetime of memories. Here are a few reasons camps like AstroCamp are an amazing place to work as a counselor this summer.

Make An Impact

Whether you’ve attended AstroCamp before as a camper or love what it’s all about, becoming a camp counselor can help you make an even larger impact at camp. Summer camp counselors at AstroCamp quickly become role models for our campers and can make their time at camp that much more special. Not only do your actions and attitude influence younger kids, but your enthusiasm and ideas for improving activities mean you are directly impacting everyone’s experience and making summer camp memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn Responsibility

AstroCamp is the ideal place for summer camp counselors to build accountability and learn the value of responsibility. This is because while counselors are in charge of other campers and activities, they are still being supervised by adults and more experienced staff.

Our summer camp counselors are mentoring children and modeling what it’s like to keep their cabins clean, be inclusive, and all-around have a fun time. Essentially, summer camp jobs are some of the best ways for teens and young adults to learn responsibility while still receiving guidance when needed.

Refine New Skills

Summer camp jobs also help teens and young adults learn a bunch of new skills that can help them in a future career. Some examples of skills they will learn include:

  • Organization and time management to ensure campers make it to their activities
  • Conflict resolution that may happen between their campers
  • Problem-solving among campers and during activities
  • Patience to hear everyone out and wait for different activities
  • Stamina to keep up with young and excited campers
  • Empathy that helps them relate to struggling campers and their peers

Of course, every counselor’s personal growth is different, but these are just a few of the important skills they can learn and refine during their summer camp job.

Become a Leader

And last but not least, we can’t ignore that developing leadership skills also naturally occurs in this position. Camp counselors are leaders of their own little family of campers, helping to ensure they are safe, taken care of, and having fun. Leaders at AstroCamp get to experience all the fun parts of camp life (science experiments, shared meals, and other adventure activities) while being accountable for their actions and understanding what it means to be a leader firsthand.

Camp Counselor’s at AstroCamp

AstroCamp mountain adventure and science summer camp is for kids and teens ages 8-17 who love science and space exploration. Our camp counselors share similar passions and always ensure campers have a fun, engaging, educational, and above all, safe summer.

Reach out to the team for more information on summer camp jobs at AstroCamp.


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