Summer Camp Program

AstroCamp  •  1-Week Session Ages 8-14

For Girls & Boys

Experience the summer camp of a lifetime at AstroCamp, one of Virginia’s finest residential science and traditional summer camps for ages 8-14. Space exploration, science, adventure, memories, friendships and FUN are in store at our exciting one-week sessions. Explore the night time skies with our array of state-of-the-art telescopes, build and launch rockets, swim, canoe and enjoy activities in and around our Lake Orion. At AstroCamp, you will also experience an amazing social community of campers and staff from around the world!

Camp Life

Campers are separated into different Crews based on their age and assigned to a cabin. During core activity periods, cabins will be combined with other similarly age group to attend the activities.  For elective periods, campers might be in an activity with campers of any age.

Core Activities

Campers participate in 4 activity periods per day, each period lasting 90 minutes. These programs are specialized and designed for the cabin groups. AstroCamp aims to give campers a taste of all the amazing activities our camp offers. The core activities include all the activities listed below under Exploring Science.


Elective Programs

Campers are able to choose two elective programs, each lasting 90 minutes. These activities are designed to maximize unique and fun experiences for various age groups. The elective programs include, but are not limited to, all the activities listed below under Outdoor Adventure, Exploring Science, and Arts, Crafts and Imagination.


Night Social Activities

In addition to the core activities and elective programs, we’ve also planned some amazing evening summer fun. These evenings are designed for campers to hang out with kids in their age group, with kids from their program or together as a whole camp community. All of the night programs are social, fun, interactive and engaging. On the first and last night, camp will come together for a whole-camp campfire, where campers and staff will perform songs, skits and exciting entertainment.

 Exploring Science

Telescopes & Star Nights  –  Atmosphere & Gases  –  Lights & Lasers  –  Cosmic Lander  –  Building & Launching Rockets  –  Advanced Rockets  –  Fundamental Forces  –  Whirling Windmills  –  Solar Studies  –  Neutral Buoyancy  –  Electricity & Magnetism  –  Craters  –  AND MORE!


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Outdoor Adventure

Karting  –  Giant Swing  –  Fish n Float  –  Sports  –   AND MORE!



Arts, Crafts & Imagination

Culinary Arts  –  Recreate the Moon Landing  –  Space Art  –  Tie-Dye Shirts & Screen Printing  –  Dungeons & Dragons  –  LARPing  –  Fort Building  –  AND MORE!


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Summer Camp Fun

Our Lake Party  –  The Blob  –  Campfires  –  Counselor Theatre  –  Giant Slip & Slide  –  Pool Parties  –  Songs & Skits  –  Gaga Ball  –  Campouts  –  AND MORE! 


Lake raft